Choose the class type that suits you. Or better yet, attend a class that doesn’t suit you to take you out of your comfort zone!


Challenge your body and mind in a high-energy class that focuses on reps, meters and endurance – all in the name of well-toned, strong and functional arms. In between we work the core to make sure you have stable shelf to hang your guns.


Sculpt, strengthen and tone your bum and legs as we work on and off the rower, combining cardio conditioning with resistance training.



ABC- the fundamentals in the pursuit of aesthetic fitness! We ‘push’ for a bulletproof front, ‘pull’ for a sexy back and twist, hold and bend for a chiseled, functional core.


The intensity level is purposely set a little lower on to help you get through the rest of the week! This class will help with midline stabilization* and at the same time re-energize your body and mind with a careful blend of focused stability exercises, rowing and dynamic stretching.

*What is “midline stabilization”?  Midline stability relies not only on your core, but also on your body’s prime movers – the muscles in your hips, glutes, hamstrings and spinal erectors. So we’re not just talking about your abs or your “six-pack”. We want true spinal stability for true total “core strength”.

Signature BURN – High-intensity, High-impact, High-fives.

The original Cardio Burn class that many of you know and love! Your Fitbit is going to go crazy after this intense total body session. Cardio? Got it! Strength work? Definitely! Core-blasting? Oh yes!  If you are moderately or fairly fit – Get ready for an energetic, high-octane full-body workout. And if you are a beginner and want to give it a try – not to worry, we can scale it to your individual needs! Warning: There’s going to be a lot of high-fives after this class.

Signature CRUISE – Beginner-friendly, Low-impact, highly satisfying.

In this moderately intense 50-minute class, you will spend equal amount of time on and off your rower while executing low-impact, total body movements, guaranteed to make you sweat! If you are a beginner, this is the class for you. Also if you are looking to correct your technique or just get a great workout – this is the place to be! Sweat, sculpt and smile afterwards!  Warning: Post-workout selfies may happen.


If you like our Signature Burn class and would like something a little extra, this is for you! Prepare to turn up the intensity for 90 minutes of hot & sweaty intense fun!


Love our Signature Cruise so much that you want more time on the rower? Feel like your current cardio needs a tune up? We’ve added 30 more minutes to the existing program for your rowing pleasure!

Strap in, grab the handles and CRUISE!!

Lunchtime Quickie 30 Min Class